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Restoring a SharePoint Site from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition

We took a backup of MOSS 2007 (Enterprise Edition) site using SharePoint Designer 2007 and tried to restore it to a blank site (Standard Edition). At first attempt we failed to restore it because of an error – “Feature not available: Data Connection Library.” Data Connection Library is not a part of MOSS Standard Edition, it is a part of Enterprise Edition but you can install Data Connection Library to a MOSS Standard Edition.

Here are the steps to install Data Connection Library in MOSS Standard Edition:-

1.  Go to – “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES”
2.  If DataConnectiontionLibrary forlder exist then follow the below given steps.
3.  Open command prompt and run the script –
      stsadm -o installfeature  -name DataConnectionLibrary
    stsadm -o activatefeature -name DataConnectionLibrary

      and you are done…!!!

Missing IWConvertedForms

      At second attempt we again failed to restore the site because of another error –“Missing 10102 ListTemplateID.” We worked out on this and found out that 10102 is nothing but IWConvertedForms. There are two alternatives to deal with this problem. First is to simply delete the IWConvertedForms from SharePoint Designer 2007 or execute PowerShell Script in command prompt as done for the Data Connection Library.

You may execute the same stsadm command (as mentioned above) for any feature
missing in standard edition or you may opt to delete that particular feature as we
did for IWConvertedForms feature.

Hope this article helps you and solve your exceptions.
Best Regards !!!

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