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SHAREPOINT 2010 RIBBON CUSTOMIZATION – Add a Print button on document library’s display form ribbon

This was again a custom requirement by one of the client based in Singapore who requested to add a print button in the document library’s display form ribbon to print the display form. And again I developed a custom feature in Visual Studio 2010 starting with an Empty SharePoint Project template.

Here are the steps to start developing the custom feature.

1)    Follow the steps and create an Empty SharePoint Project as given in the article:
2)  While following the steps in above article at step 8) copy and paste the below code.
   Id="PrintRibbonButton.Action" Location="CommandUI.Ribbon"
   RegistrationType="List" RegistrationId="101">
        <CommandUIDefinition Location="Ribbon.ListForm.Display.Manage.Controls._children">
          <Button Id="PrintList" Command="PrintList" Description="Print List" LabelText="Print"
          Image32by32="~/_layouts/Images/CustomPrintButton/printdoc.png"     TemplateAlias="o1" Sequence="20"/>
        <CommandUIHandler Command="PrintList" CommandAction="javascript:window.print();" />

3)  Here you have to perform an additional step to add the print button icon. Right click the project and click Add -> SharePoint Mapped Folder and select Template -> IMAGES from the Add SharePoint Mapped Folder.

    You will notice a folder created in your project file. Now add print icon image in the 
created Image folder. If you do not have a 32x32 print icon then you may download it from here: http://www.softicons.com/free-icons/toolbar-icons/32x32-free-design-icons-by-aha-soft/print-icon

In my case I added the print icon under a folder name “CustomPrintButton”, Image32by32="~/_layouts/Images/CustomPrintButton/printdoc.png"
This will automatically add the print icon image to IMAGES folder of 14 hive

Now you are at the final step. Build the solution and deploy.

Please make a note here the solution will be automatically deploy to the site you selected for debugging. To deploy the solution to other web application you should use the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

To add and install the custom feature to other web application refer to the Microsoft technet site:

YES ! You have done creating the custom solution. Now after successful deployment of the print custom feature go to your SharePoint Site and under site collection features activate it. 

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