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Security Token Service not responding in Project Server 2013

I was facing a serious issue from past couple of days… The Project Server 2013 Web App was inaccessible. After monitoring ULS logs and Event Viewer, following exceptions I encountered. These exceptions were continuously occurring and I was not able to find the root cause. Hence after consulting Microsoft Support team, we both managed to get rid of the exceptions and finally the Project Server Web App was accessible.

The HTTP service located at http://localhost:32843/SecurityTokenServiceApplication/securitytoken.svc is unavailable.  This could be because the service is too busy or because no endpoint was found listening at the specified address. Please ensure that the address is correct and try accessing the service again later.

Application pool ‘SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool’ is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool.

Event 8306 (SharePoint Foundation) of severity ‘Error’ occurred 58 more time(s) and was suppressed in the event log.

Event 6398 (SharePoint Foundation) of severity ‘Critical’ occurred 8 more time(s) and was suppressed in the event log.

Based on the error message: “A listener channel for protocol ‘HTTP’ in worker process ‘5532’ serving application pool ‘SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool’ reported a listener channel failure.  The data field contains the error number.” and error message:” The Module DLL ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\isapi\spnativerequestmodule.dll’ could not be loaded due to a configuration problem. The current configuration only supports loading images built for a x86 processor architecture.” The issue is probable caused by the failure during the loading of spnativerequestmodule.dll file.

Navigate to IIS Manager-> Application Pools-> right click the ‘SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool’ and choose “Advanced Settings”. If “Enable 32-Bit Applications” is set to “true”, please set it to “false”, reset IIS and your are done !!
Happy accessing Project Server Web App… :)


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